Tesla Model 3 2022 Sunshade

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YZ For Tesla ModelY Model3 2022 Sunshade For Tesla Car Model 3 Sunshade Roof Sunscreen Insulation Baffle Model Y Accessories

True “0 collapse” Tesla Sunroof Sunshade


The ceiling of the shading world is really sunscreen and only shading!

Comparison of thermal insulation effects


Ultraviolet nemesis strength sunshadeTrue full top fit 0 collapse


Using the original car sunroof arc top design, truly realize the fit without collapse

True sound insulation and noise reduction No abnormal noise when driving with windows open


It fits closely with the original car, and there is no abnormal noise when

driving with the window open.Does not affect the original car functionUpgrade 3-in-1Say goodbye to separate tedious installations


One piece can be integrated into one piece, no need to install 4 times

Three layers of thermal insulation Black technology aluminum foil sunscreen


Aluminum foil reflection reduces heat transfer

Not getting hot in the sun, more comfortable in the carTrue one-piece molding original color


Full-top fit, highly similar to the color of the body, and installed like the original car accessories

True aluminum foil shading surface Shade 0 light transmission


Thickened sunscreen aluminum foil, light-blocking high-density material, does not get hot in the sun 99% of the market is fake fabrics with serious light transmission

Invisible Velcro Non-destructive Installation No need for snaps, just one stick


Just stick it around the sunroof and expose it to non-melting glue

Removable and non-sticky without leaving markshigh temperature exposure 0 formaldehyde, no odor


Selected high-quality fabrics are not exposed to sunlight and do not emit odor

True sunlight refraction water vapor blocking


Aluminum foil reflects sunlight and blocks water vapor from spreading skylights

Safer without a steel frame


The outer ring is surrounded by cloth strips and can be fixed with Velcro

Most of the steel frames used in the market have the potential to cut hands and damage the vehicle.

YZ custom storage bag


Exclusive custom storage bag, size fit, no wrinkle inside

Polyester fabric flexible and tensile


The fabric has strong elasticity and high toughness and can quickly return to its original state

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