VW ID.3 electric 2020- Car Floor Mat Black For Your Car Waterproof Non-Slip Durable Nature Friendly Plastic Free

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Car Floor Mats
Our products are the ORIGINAL brand and they are our own production. Our car mats are one of the best quality car mats available in the market. They are the most affordable car mats reiting their quality.

Vehicle design design
Usable for all seasons
Easy to clean
In special boxer
ISO 9001-
Side barrier
3D design
It fits perfectly perfectly. The pool has 40mm height so it protects both front and rear parts of your car from dust, dirt, and water.
Our car mats with built-in shaft protection.
Our new technology clipses are waterproof and thea
NOTE: Most of our models have clips. The models without clipses has pin holes.
Product Features
Depth: 3 – 5 cm. (dds on vehicle models)
Thickness: 1.1-mm.
Color: Black
It is one of the highest quality materials on the market.
Made of natural, nature-friendly, recyclable material
It is made of high quality material with high durability from -50
Product with plastic-free raw material
Thanks to its robust body structure, it is resistant to sunlight, heat, cold and water.
Thanks to the barrier protrusion of approximately 3-5 cm on the side surfaces of the mats, water, dust, mud, the surface of the skin. It prevenents from polluting your vehicle.
It keeps your vehicle clean and tidy.
It does not break and It do not break in cold or hot weather.
Thanks to its soft material that does not require assembly, you can place it in your luggage in 10 seconds.
Thanks to its non-slip material, it prevents the items you put in your luggage from moving.
It is washable practical and easy to dries and it dries quickly.
With its stylish design, it is an aesthetic look to the trunk of your vehicle.
The cost is much lower than the cost of the trunk carpet, it is the most of the original floor even the original floor even
You don’t need a Professional to place the Car Mats into your car. You can do it all by yourself.
NOTE: Please pay pay for the product vehicle model and model year, as it is produced in the vehicle.
Be Careful
There are douche of cheaper or more products on the market, but before you buy There the height of the sides, and the footrest.
We are the official of this brand. Do not be a victim by buying products that are left under the name of this in the market, which are not the original brand. Unfortunately, there are the market that use our brand and send other brands of car mats. Do not be used to be a note.
If there is a slightest problem after the product arrives to you, please contact with us.
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Brand Name

Sare Tuning

Material Type




Filling Material

Synthetic fiber


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