Automatic Lifting Power Frunk For Tesla Model 3

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Product Features:

1. Can be open or close by Touched Screen
2. Can be open and Close by Mobile Phone APP
3.5 Stages of Speed adjustable for Open and Close
4. Height of The door adjustable
5. Eight Glass of Pressure Adjustable




Product Name: Frunk Electronic tailgate for Tesla Model 3, S, X, Y


Option introduction:


[For Model X ]: Install on all cars Model X for all year

[For Model Y ] Install on all cars Model Y for all year

[For Model S ]: Install on all cars Model S for all year

[For Model 3 2021 old ]: Install on Model 3 in the year 2021 old version of strut bracket

[For Model 3 2021 new ]: Install on Model 3 in the year 2021 new version of strut bracket

Remind: For Tesla Model 3 2021 which was produced in the USA, the strut is no change, so please chose [For Model 3 2021 Old ]
(2021 Model 3 in Korea, USA, Canada are Made in the USA )


[For Model 3 2016-20 ]: Install on Model 3 from the year 2016 to 2020


For Model 3 2021 Old Strut Bracket

For Model 2021 New Strut Bracket

Due to some model 3 upgrade the frunk strut bracket, so please check your frunk strut bracket before ordering


For Model Y


Waterproof with V5.0 software, stronger moto power, and emergency cables

For Model X


Waterproof designing

For Model S


Waterproof designing

SATONIC Guarantee Policy´╝Ü

SATONIC offer 1a -year Guarantee for our customers, within one year, SATONIC will do the following supports:

1: Missing or Damaged parts free replace: If your order miss any parts or is damaged while in installation, SATONIC will send you freely

2: Free online upgrade support: SATONIC will send upgrade software if there is some fresh software on your car



Brand Name






Product Name

Frunk Tailgate for Tesla

Fit for

Model S, model 3, X, Y

Motor version


Speed and Angle for Open and Close



APP, Touch screen Operation


2 Year


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