Central Control Navigation Screen Thermal Protector Cover

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For Tesla Model 3 -2020 Black Sunshade Central Control Navigation Screen Thermal Protector Cover Anti-scratch Dust Cover

We offer premium quality Tesla Model 3 Display Cover Sleeve. This is a custom fit sunshade to protect the most important electronic of your vehicle, the display. It is a very minimal product to add to your Tesla but one of the MOST important. With the hot summer days, the Tesla Model 3 display gets extremely hot and can cause it to glitch, create mini air bubbles inside the screen, burn electronics and/or phantom touches. The direct sunlight hitting the display will damage the electronics and cause it to degrade over time, just like leaving your cell phone or laptop in your car during hot days.

Our product is PATENTED for its design and use. It is easier than setting up an entire sunshade… each and every time. Who has the time to do that?! That’s why we have created a simple and minimal solution to keep the heart of the car as safe as possible. With our sleeve it will protect the display from direct sunlight and serve as a dust-proof. The material we use is primarily used on power transmission belts, shock absorbers, gaskets, conveyer belts and many more durable applications.

Directions: Just simply slip on your display cover sleeve when you leave your vehicle and help protect your screen. Once you’re ready to leave, slip it back off and store it for next time.


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Center Console




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For Tesla Model Y


For Tesla 3


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