For Tesla Model Y 27W Quick Charger

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Material: Aluminum and Nylon braided thread

Fitment: For Tesla 2022 2021 Model 3 Model Y

Package: Docking station *1


  • External charging. Other products can only keep the central control slider open, and the slider is always open when charging, which is inconvenient. The docking station of our product does not need to be charged in the central control, and there is no need to close the central control slide. You can charge directly on the surface of the central control.
  • Compared with other expansion docks, it is lighter in weight, convenient and small in size.
  • Novel design. The USB hub breaks the original traditional style of the expansion dock placed in the central control. The new expansion dock style is more novel. It is stuck on the edge of the central control and will not affect the use of the central control storage box and the central control sliding cover.
  • Easy to install. The bottom two interfaces of the multiport hub adapter are connected to the Tesla central control, and the upper four interfaces are placed on the edge of the central control.



Sticker Placement

Center Console



For Tesla Model 3 2022 2021

For Tesla Model Y 2022 2021

LED Ambient Lighting Docking Station

27W Quick Charger


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