For TESLA 2019 2020 2021 MODEL 3 Y Anti-Dirty Leather Protector Auto Styling Modification Car Seat Back Anti kick Pad Mat Cover

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Product Details:

Brand: Royal Craftsman
Material: Eco-friendly leather
Process: computer cutting/embroidery
Color: black/red/white
Applicable models: Tesla Model 3/Y
Purpose: Protect the driver’s license
Specification: 2 pieces/set
Installation part: fixed seat back pocket

Seat kick pad

All-inclusive protection, multi-layer protection
Special car customization, original car model
Healthy and environmentally friendly raw materials
Washable and durable

Solve the troubles of the car seat:

When getting in and out of the car, the seat back is often worn and kick:

1. Daily scratching
2. Residual stains
3. Kick wear

Installation effect comparison:

Before installation:

It is easy to kick the seat when getting in and out of the car, and the original car seat is dirty and difficult to clean.

After installation:

removable for cleaning, beautiful and practical, protect the original car seat, and upgrade the texture.

Luxury car interior

The original car’s arc design, the material is constantly upgraded

All-inclusive protection

One version one car, designed according to the original car seat structure

High leather leather

Easy to clean and take care of

Special edging strip, seaming treatment

No thread falling off, no wrinkles on the corner leather

Exclusive customization

Computer embroidery, original car exclusive LOGO

High-quality leather, scratch and stain resistant

Durable and non-fading, sweat-absorbing and breathable

1.Microfiber leather, easy to clean
2.Environmentally friendly non-woven fabric, environmentally friendly, light and tough
3.Non-slip surface, fastened to seat leather

Easy installation

The hanging buckles on both sides are stuck to complete the installation

Hidden hanging buckle
Telescopic straps
Hang buckle

Seat kick pad

Protect the seat, anti-seepage and anti-fouling, durable and easy to wipe

Waterproof leather

Use high-quality leather fabric

Strong hook for firm fixation

The buckle is directly attached to the side of the storage bag without affecting the use of the original car

3 colors can be selected

According to the original car leather, match it as you like

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Anti Kick Pad


For Model 3 Y


PU Leather


Half Protection


2 piece a set








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