For Tesla Model Y Car Chassis Jack Rubber Pad

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Product Name: car chassis jack r ubber pad

Usage: the rubber pad blocks between the fixed support of the motor and the frame and between the four corners under the cab assembly and the frame are mainly used to slow down the vibration of the body and transport and ensure proper operation of the universal transmission device

Battery protection: the shaped rubber ring can help you pre-mount the lifting adapter to stabilize the tools on the jack so that you can easily put the jack or lift it. Reduce the damage to the original paint of the car.

Damping function: the silicone cushion has a damping effect, which will transfer the possibility of deformation to the silicone cushion and will not cause damage to the car body.

Material: soft resilient silicone gel

Specifications: 1 pc 4 pcs

Applicable models: for tesla model 3 y s x

Color: blue, black

Size: about 55mm 75mm/2.17*2.95in

Installation: step1: align the original hole position andn one end of the fixing cover with the holetighter by hand

Step 2: after tightening, the product chassis connecting jack

Step 3: the installation is complete






Item Type

Car Jacks

Special Features

Car sockets

Model Name

Car sockets

Material Type

Car sockets


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