Carbar Exterior Door Handles for Tesla Model Y

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Carbar Exterior Door Handles for Tesla Model 3 Y Car Smart Electric Outside Handle with Welcome LED Light Automatically Open

The original door handle design of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y is relatively simple. It is a pure manual door handle, which is not very convenient to open and close. After upgrading the electric door handle, when the owner approaches, the door handle will automatically pop up. At the same time, the LED light bar is added to enhance the sense of ceremony, and the operation at night is more convenient. The upgraded door handle is close to the automatic door handle effect of Tesla Model S, making your car instantly appear high-end and atmospheric. Electric door handles are worth it.

Our electric handle does not change the base of the original car handle, and the end of the handle is pulled by the motor to realize the automatic function.


Tell Us Your Car Information

Whether Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y, their electric door handle base, power receiving position and wire are different. Please be sure to tell us your car model and manufacturing year when you place an order.

Generally speaking, It’s the new model 3 or Y if the car is with the original electric tailgate lift. The original canbus of the new model 3 and model Y are different, and the new model Y will have two more canbus transfer wires.


1. Storage temperature: – 40 ℃ – 95 ℃
2. Working temperature: – 40 ℃ – 80 ℃
3. Working voltage: 9-16v
4. Rated voltage: 12V
5. Handle deployment time: 1-2 seconds
6. Waiting return time: 15-20 seconds
7. Working way: Bluetooth sensing, card swiping, key, press to start, and return automatically within a limited time
8. The rated tension of the motor is 40n, and the actual tension is 10-15n
9. Return pressure: 2-3n
10. Durability times: 100000 times
11. Working mute: 52dB


Intelligent sensing

The door handle will pop up automatically when you gently press it with your finger.

Card Unlocking

The four door handles of the vehicle will pop up automatically.

Key Unlocking

Press the key unlocking key twice, and the four door handles will pop up automatically

Mobile App Unlocking

Click the mobile app unlocking key to automatically pop up the four door handles

Close to Auto Eject

The door handle will pop up automatically when approaching the vehicle after you set on your app

Screen Unlocking and Pop-up

Click to unlock the door handle at the top of the screen in the vehicle to pop up automatically

P Gear Ejecting

Press P gear twice, and the handle will eject automatically



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electric door handels

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Tesla Model 3 & Y


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